Cedar / Brush / Land Clearing in Central Texas
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Land Restoration in the Texas Hill Country

Land Restoration
What is Land Restoration?
After Wimberley Area
After restoration - Wimberley area
After with Machine
After restoration - Bulverde area
Much of Central Texas was once open grassland dotted with oaks and other trees. Overgrazing, wildfire control, and agricultural practices have contributed to widespread cedar infestation.

Cedar--actually ashe juniper--forms dense thickets which shade the ground and choke out grasses, oaks, and other desirable plants. These fast-growing trees consume vast quantities of water, inhibiting the growth of nearby plants and hindering normal groundwater recharge.

Our methods enable us to remove unwanted vegetation without causing further damage, and help the land revert to its natural state.
Clearing & Mulching
Grass Before
Before clearing - Llano area
Grass After
After restoration - Bulverde area
Our tree-grinding equipment creates and distributes a layer of mulch, which helps speed the recovery of the land. Mulching creates a healing blanket that retains moisture and reduces erosion, provides a protective cover for new growth, and returns nutrients to the soil.
The land can be seeded with native grasses before or during the mulching process. GWC obtains native seed from quality Texas seed vendors and spreads it with a tractor-mounted spreader. The protective layer of mulch prevents seed from being lost to wind, erosion or opportunistic birds.
Lot Clearing
Building a new home on your lot?
Do you have land for grazing horses, hunting, or other recreation? Greater Wimberley Construction can take care of unwanted brush, seed your land with native grasses, and distribute a layer of protective mulch. The advantage of GWC's complete service is that it doesn't leave you with unsightly burn piles or require secondary equipment rental. GWC's machines leave a minimal footprint on the landscape. Small units are available for selective clearing around valuable trees, and are also good for clearing smaller lots and fence line projects.
Right of Way Maintenance
Pipeline & Other Easements
GWC personnel have years of pipeline and oil field service experience and stand ready to provide you with professional right-of-way maintenance. With a wide range of equipment including 15' bat wing shredders, skid steer loaders (for use with the bucket or grinding attachment,) and the extremely productive Rotary Ax model Hydro Ax. GWC can fit your project and have your right-of-way cleared and maintained in the shortest possible time. Our process creates a mulch which discourages re-growth of woody vegetation and provides erosion control so you can enjoy longer-periods with little or no maintenance. There is minimal damage to the surface of the ground and grass, and no unsightly brush piles are left behind.
Fence path/Survey clearing
Greater Wimberley Fenceline Clearing (2)
GWC has the right equipment to get into tight places and clear long or short fence lines, leaving behind an attractive mulch that provides a nice surface to drive, walk, or ride the fence line.
Clearing for Hunting Areas
Improve wildlife habitat and sight lines for hunting
Greater Wimberley ROW Reclamation
Deer graze in the marginal areas dividing woodlands and open land. By removing unwanted growth, you can create more feeding areas and improve visibility. Seeding the area with native grasses provides forage and cover for a number of game species including white-tail deer, turkey, quail, dove, and many others.
Native Grass Seeding
Key Benefits of Re-seeding in Native Grass
  • Beneficial to native wildlife and birds
  • Livestock prefer native grasses over hybrids and derive more benefit
  • Water conservation
  • Increase land value
  • Eliminate the need for repetitive fertilization
GWC can seed with native Texas grasses even if no cedar clearing is required. Drought-tolerant native grasses are adapted to your area and are part of the natural diet of native wildlife. Water conservation is a significant issue in Texas, and efforts to prevent erosion, conserve water and enhance the land's natural beauty will significantly increase the market value of any property. Call today and have a land-restoration professional assess your needs and provide an estimate for your project.
Specialty Construction

General Construction Services Offered by Greater Wimberley Construction, Inc.
  • Post Hole Digging
  • Grading & Leveling
  • Driveways
  • Excavating
Our personnel are experienced in all types of site work, including roads, utilities, environmental cleanup, and much more. We would be happy to discuss any projects you have. If we can't do it, we'll refer you to another reliable contractor who can do the job for you.